Laws of My Land

When you’re extremely excited and thoroughly prepared for an event it will get cancelled at the last minute.

When you enter a store and fall in love with a pair of shoes, they will not have it in your size.

Whenever you meet relatives you can’t escape ‘weight’ discussions. You have always either lost or gained weight since the last time they saw you.

Your toddler wants to use the washroom just when you’ve washed your hands and sat down to eat

When it’s finally your turn at a counter after waiting for long, they’ll shove the lunch-break sign in your face.

While you might carry your cell phone around with you all the time, it is most likely to ring in the 1 minute that you leave it somewhere.

Booking movie tickets for an 11pm show is no guarantee that you will reach the movie-theatre on time.

When you really need your hair to behave themselves and stay poker straight, they will develop a life of their own, and leave you looking like nothing on earth.

The probability of power failure or cable disruption increases with the eagerness with which you have waited for a particular TV program.

If you decide to spend some alone-time at a café, people will shower you with the “surely someone will join her soon” looks.

Pimples erupt on your face with a vengeance as a party day draws nearer.

Just when you’re having a bad-shoe/slipper day, you will be made to walk for miles.

You’re never too old to bang into things and hurt yourself while walking.

Washing-machine disasters (white shirts turning peach) aren’t the worst things that can happen to you, even if they seem to be at the moment of occurrence.


When you’re engrossed in overtly philosophical discussions, something rather banal (and unpleasant) will happen.

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