Love Song

There are three kinds of women in this world.

The ones I really like
the ones who make me yawn
and the ones I would not want to touch with a stick

Of course I would like to accumulate very many of the first kind in my life. But it often hands down the dreaded third sort.

An all girl’s school, a women’s college and an (almost) all women first job got me right at the heart of the matter…that the best friends and worst enemies are to be found on the female side of things (maybe because men are too busy imagining you naked…yes yes I’m stereotyping. Or am I?)

There have been many firsts with women-folk:

First friend-stealing affair. In sixth standard. At boarding school. Far far away from home. Tragic, lonely.

First knowledge-sharing seminar on prevalent sexual practices. During college. One night at a friend’s place, with semi-burnt pizzas and a cocker spaniel for company.

First unplanned trip. Free work weekend turned into what’re-you-doing-tomorrow madness. Slanting rooftop drinking, dreaming and star gazing packed into two super fun days with two super cool friends.

For all the inspiring, loving, merry-making ladies around, there are those who’re keen to suck the life blood out of you. I dedicate this verse to the very such:

Love Song_Darts

Beware mean queens, you’re all wrapped up
into senseless words that won’t amount to much
dress up, hold still, wait for the kill
derision laced darts are shooting down the hill

(Written with the heart of a five year old who wants to pick up a fight…you want a piece of me? Huh? Huh?)

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