Colour me perfect

There is no end to the things that can (almost) kill you. Busy work week, negotiations gone bad, loneliness or bad food. And in quite the same way, there is no end to the things that can make you happy. Your latest song crush, tangy tomato pickle, perfect track pants or the morning hug.

The good thing is life is never black or white. It is never a question of whether you think everyone is guilty until proven innocent, or the other way around. Or which side of the morning-blanket-folding-as-redundant-activity argument you are on. It is never going to be just this way or that.

There are always going to be people who throw eggs at the windshield and try to rob you (some thugs do that I’m told). The web will continue to surprise you with what you weren’t looking for and the dog may bite when you are at your best behaviour.

While life may continue to be about the dream job, dream house or dream vacation, it will also be about fighting for the purple-sweatshirt-cause on your way to a reunion (even if the wine-red fancy top wins in the end). Exercise routines will be inversely proportional to the calorie intake (with no prizes for guessing which way the weights tilt, literally). Club memberships aren’t going to be easy either, what with ‘lonely hearts’, ‘perpetual cribbers’ and ‘internet-addicts anonymous’ gunning for the top spot.

With all the colours flying around, choices aren’t going to be black or white (or black and blue, even if you’re most men’s wardrobe).

Life’s palette will continue the confusion dance in all its multi-coloured finery.

The real joyride begins with picking the best hues to paint the portrait of your mad, chaotic, perfect life.

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