The One Page You

Resumes are perhaps the least indicative of what to expect from a person. For these (preferably one page) rejection instruments describe what you’ve done and not who you are. What you’ve done may reasonably describe who you are but what if you want to change tracks and be something else half way through your life?

The powers that be like nothing more than order and symmetry and anything or anyone who might disrupt that better have a good enough reason (or a good quotation) to explain the ‘inconsistencies’. Sample: Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative. But not everyone appreciates Oscar Wilde.

And then there are other things. I wonder at the different reactions that “Female, Single”, “Female, married” or “Female, 35 years, Single” probably get.

The world of this one page ode to self is strange indeed. It’s the world where 92.5 becomes 95, 10 months become 1 year and sometimes truth comes in the way of an otherwise great story.

People in ‘The Department’ sift through pages that are people and put them in boxes (or straight in the trash). Who knows? I bet there are jokes floated around to the tune of “Hey check this one out”. Ha Ha.

It’s all about separating the grain from the chaff, they say. And what’s to rejoice at being grain. You’re bird food.

Wise men will tell you that it is much ado about nothing. A job is a job is a job and life is what happens after 6pm. Well so be it.

But the dream remains. That one day brevity will rule the roost and one page descriptions will reduce to two magic words…Your illustrious name.

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