Make it Wordless

The dictionary defines conversation as informal interchange of thoughts, information, etc., by spoken words.

And yet the best conversations often do not involve spoken words at all. Often what is left unsaid is more significant than words that find their way through the corridors of the mind. They say, “A friend is someone with whom you can sit for hours on end without saying anything, but when you get up to leave you feel you’ve had the best conversation in the world”.

A glance across a crowded room holds thoughts that can hardly be expressed just as well by words. Looking away can start and end never-begun sentences. The eyes can speak a language devoid of limits imposed by alphabets.

Imagined conversations take place in the mind that would never allow such utterances out loud. Arguments often struggle within, searching for the cruelest words to peg themselves on.

An embrace can hardly find a replacement in the dictionary. Tears can cause and alleviate pain, at once expressing and withholding thoughts. A smile can disarm many a belligerent soul.

While words may not lose favour as a means of communication, there’s a lot else to take recourse to.

So if you’re making conversation, say what you want… And sometimes, try it wordless.

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