Fighting Feeble Foes

Fever has to be the most unexciting malady. Doctors don’t take it seriously, it makes the worst excuse for missing work, and family/friends think you should sleep and all will be well. Also, you have no right to stake a claim to special invalid status from those around you because in reality you aren’t feeling all that bad.

Thermometer tests are the all-determining factor. You get a score below 100 and you’ve failed to make it to the elite category of high-fever, even if you’re not feeling like a happy child on a spring morning. And heaven forbid, should your forehead be anything short of burning hot, you lose all chance to garner sympathy for your miserable self.

Your limited vocabulary comes to naught when you have to describe ‘exactly’ how sick you’re feeling. I wonder if this inability to express fever-emotions is the reason behind saying the words “you give me fever” to significant others (even if they don’t appreciate the analogy).

Only under fever-related delirium can a normal human being utter the words “I don’t want to sleep”, for you’re allowed to do little else. If such noble thoughts were a permanent feature in the minds of men and women, a lot could be accomplished. After all, under no other circumstances would one recognise that there is such a thing as ’too much sleep’.

But it is still nothing short of hara-kiri to mention to loved ones that you’ve got fever. They fuss over you and give you detailed instructions on healthy food-habits, leaving you feeling like a train-wreck incapable of exercising judgment. All you can do at such moments is look around guiltily as no defense is strong enough against the obvious fact that plain simple fever caught up with stupid you.

And finally there’s the wait for fever to exit your system, allowing you the pleasure to state that you’re doing just fine thank you very much. Should that exit take too long coming, you may have more ‘serious’ things than fever to worry about. Otherwise, you have reasons to rejoice over the exit of a foe whose presence got you in trouble with the health- food-habits authorities (husbands, mothers et al), got you on the list of probable fever magnets and showed you up to be armor-less against feeble adversaries.

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