7 thoughts on “(N)otes from Above the Ground

  1. none of the end words in the 5 line (rhymes usually have even number of lines) poem rhyme. And its already over… Seems like you’re still upset…

  2. “your blog, your rules” ?? …hmm… beats me too….

    You wanna call your odd numbered lines poem with end words which don’t rhyme a rhyme… go ahead… after all its your blog…. so much for constructive criticism…

    Just when I thought it was impossible to get a rise out of you…. 🙂 (I have been posting crappy comments for sometime now)…

  3. Ok now I am confused… It’s in the external rhyme structure, in which the end words should rhyme right?.. or am I missing something….?

    Club card privilege… Advancing age…. is it your birthday today?

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