(Q)uotidian Chaos

Earlier this week I spent a harrowing half hour trying to understand the psychology of my laptop. Why would it go blank on me in the middle of harmless mail checking? And why would the display cut itself into six pieces (or more) when I tried to restart? It was being so curt about the whole thing that I didn’t have enough time to even understand the problem. There was no Fade to Black.

It is only at times like these that the thought “I must backup my data” comes ringing in one’s ears. I started walking through the corridors of disk drives in my mind to understand just how upset I should be if data recovery wasn’t possible. I was grateful at having saved most things on e-mail. But that’s another area that needs back-up. Another time perhaps.

Then of course without being overtly upset about it I had to get out the tech support numbers and start dialling. I was sitting there ready to fire serial number and product number on command. It’s a little difficult to start describing the trouble itself. The person at the other end probably thought I was one daft cookie to be saying things like “the display on restarting is divided into six sections and before I can do anything it all goes blank”. It is quite like answering Doctor’s questions: “What kind of cough?” What do they mean what kind? Its cough and it hurts and that’s all I care to know about it.

Finally the support at the other end actually had something to say to support me. Do this, press that, go there, and wait. Tra la la la la. Things didn’t fall in line exactly the way she told me it would. So I did some more of Press this, Do that and Wait. Now I don’t know if you’re expected to make small talk while your laptop is making you wait. And the support keept asking “So what is happening now madam”. I will bloody well tell you what is happening when something does. My laptop says wait. So i’m waiting. So you should too.

And by the grace of God (and tech support), the laptop began talking language I understand. It also went on to inform me that “Disk drivers had stopped responding and have been restored successfully.” Thanks a ton.

If only before you crashed you could’ve flashed the “I’m going to be of some trouble to you” sign. Perhaps laptops are (some) people. Crash and burn and then say sorry. Bah Humbug!

P.S. : I have now officially made a back up for all my data. Which also made me realise I have a lot of junk lying around. If it wouldn’t hurt to lose it, its time to get rid of it! Mission good-riddance here I come.

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