About Me

Years ago I was designated President of the Self-Admiration Society. We meet twice a month and do nothing. You should come.

My mission in life is to find (and keep) my “mojo” (indescribable heady-bordering-on-neurotic happiness) and share it with those around me.

On most days I spend eight hours thinking about all the stories I want to tell, five hours telling them, six hours arguing with my husband over points of national importance (why it is important to fold the quilt in the morning when we will use it again at night) and the remainder telling my daughter the names of things she points at (remember, the thing mommy wears under her shirt is an ‘undergarment’).

I write for a living, covering topics as diverse as real estate, travel, psychology, crafts, books and more. My work has been featured in Gulf News, The Hindu, 999 Magazine, Capital Business, Ventures Africa, livemint, Hand/Eye Magazine, New Indian Express, Hindustan Times, The Delhiwalla, Women’s Web, among others. See it all here.

Get in touch by leaving a reply below or holler on Twitter @manikadhama

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