(E)nchanting Escapade

Spaces on a map, with crooked lines for streets

Are places that dwell in the hearts of men,

Becoming a part of the whole as they move away

But not without memories left lingering long after.


Countless times the streets are drawn,

By hands that have felt the air

Drawn for those who must taste the dust,

And make the journey to this love.


Inexplicable it shall always be

To the unfortunate who live in oblivion

Never for them shall streets of a town conjure up

Feelings of ownership and longing.


As life makes the journey to destinations unknown

Through routes where all else may depart and deceive,

The spaces on maps will enter one’s heart

And bring alive everlasting love.


Escape Plan Essentials

I am a light sleeper and usually have very vivid dreams. Most times I remember some elements the next day. So in last night’s dream I found myself in an apartment my family used to occupy almost ten years ago. Soon the building was surrounded by helicopters and we had little time to pack all we could before we ran. Who knows what the emergency was, my sub-conscious didn’t explain it well. But I recall some of the items I picked in the dream for my escape.

1. A sling bag that has been transported across the world and always fits more than anyone can imagine

2. My bright pink and green wallet that has more plastic money than I’m proud to show

3. Change of clothes (including the Zeppelin T-shirt that once saved me extra baggage fare at an Airport. Lets save that story for another time.)

I can’t remember the rest but it didn’t matter, even in the dream. As it turned out, there was no emergency. The helicopter sequence was clearly from earlier in the day when real-time Republic Day practice had copters rumbling over the hazy January sky in Delhi.

When I stepped out into the night (in the dream of course) everyone was just staring at the stars and making small talk.

Zeppelin seemed to have saved the day for me again.

But I’ve got to ask, if you had to escape right this minute, what three things would you rush to grab?