(S)um of Parts

Life is a sum of experiences but it is also about the decisions you make along the way. What may seem to be your personal prerogatives at the time can affect others in ways you may either choose to ignore or wish away. And these are the things that matter. What you do or decide at a certain point can change the course of other people’s life. Nobody should have the right to do that. While having the power to better someone’s life is the greatest thing, the negative effects of this power should never have existed. Nothing hurts more than other people’s decisions affecting your life adversely. Not being in control can be the worst thing.

When you fall down and hurt yourself, there is the choice of lying there reeling in the pain or getting back right up and moving on. The trouble is, when you push people down and they’re hurt, even if later you can give them a hand to get back up, it doesn’t change the fact that you are also the person who threw them down. So unless the gesture of helping them up alleviates all the pain, they will never really know what all of that meant.

Time, they say, is a great healer. The only difficult thing is to accept that it is not going to be easy. There are years, months, days, minutes and seconds to live through. But then life is after all about the choices you make. When what happens to you seems to be out of your control, the only real choice you have is how you react to it. Mostly there will be times and moments when you will choose what happens to you. But for the times when you’re an actor in a play scripted by others, how you bring out a bit of you to the character is what counts.

Then again…‘tis easy to philosophise about the kaleidoscopic patterns of life.

It takes great courage to live through them.