For the Love of Metal Stallions


“Where did you get this motorcycle?”

“It’s a chopper baby, not a motorcycle”.

‘Tis old wisdom to judge a man by the look of his shoes. But if those shoes were pedaling the right machine, judgements can become a tad bit more interesting.

The knights of yore rode stallions to battles and journeys across kingdoms. The mechanised stallions of today roar and rumble their way through city streets and open roads, making the easy riders feel nothing short of glorious knights on a significant errand. Give these post-industrial revolution knights some leather on their backs and you’ve got yourself a personal touch of quintessential machismo.

Some boys with bikes will have you believe that rescuing distressed damsels is their primary duty on this earth. Others vie for feminine attention through the (im)perfect art of (what in their minds are) dare-devil stunts. Let every man that ever rode with the dream of a gorgeous pillion behind him know…if you be as good as your machine, life’s fair. If you be better, life’s marvelous.

Many a boy-turned-man (and some girls-not-turned-ladies) has dreamt of a v-twin engine thundering under him (her). Only some take a trip to heaven on this roaring dream. Whether they ride through heat and dust or thunderous storms, these machine-junkies will tell you life’s never too good without rubber-smoking action.

Whether you ride ‘em, play the pillion part or just watch the machines in action, always remember…if you hear that familiar roar, sit tight.

Jungle or not, the ride is about to get wild.