Trekking Along Them (T)roughs

One day you’re covering a Metallica song in front of 100 people and another you’re dealing with seemingly insurmountable losses. People call it the “troughs and crests” of life. Trouble is laying low in them troughs isn’t the easiest thing. Especially when the crests have kept you very very high.

Tenacity is a wonderful word and a difficult act to perform. And phoenix-analogies don’t help the cause. Perhaps one should be allowed to remain among the ashes at least for a while, not necessarily in a wallowing-in-self-pity kinda way. Of course deciding this being-sad time frame can be tricky.

The best way is to let Scarlet O’Hara take care of that. For whatever today might bring, tomorrow is indeed (well, it better be) another day.

And yes there aren’t better times to let Metallica (also your first public song choice), or Bob Seger if you please, decide the tone for your climb out of the troughs.

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