Write On

I have been away for a week. There would be punishments for this kind of thing but I’m the boss and not a keen follower of the masochism movement. Instead I can only make a note to self: Live and let write.

No revolutionary events to report but mundane thoughts on things continue. Like happiness worth 50 bucks by way of two (second hand) books I bought for 25 each. Cheap thrills aren’t easy. In the 10 minutes before the 10.30 pm movie show, you must scan piles of mindless junk to get to anything worth more than 25. And when you do, the joy lasts for days on end. If you’re turning your nose up at “second hand” stuff and think you’re cat’s whiskers, well then you better do a good job chasing the tiny rat’s ass I care about your opinion on that one. The great thing about second hand books is that there’s always a story (or more) than what exists between the covers. If you find names or personal notes, you’re lucky. Otherwise you can invent your own story and imagine it played out as the finest drama there ever was.

Talking about drama, there’s enough everyday to belittle Television soap operas. Having your zombie moment at work in the form of picking up the phone and dialing the number on the keyboard instead of the phone pad. Spilling cheese from an eat-on-the-go sandwich all over your clothes on your way to work. Paying 50 bucks and getting lost on your way to a place that’s at a five minute walking distance. Or days going downhill suddenly picking up towards the end and making you a star (at least for a while).

As star vices go, I have those of the restless variety. There is a need to always be doing something that amounts to more than can be summed up in a word (or sentence). There’s the urge to eat the forbidden sweet (did I say “forbidden”? Nonsense. In my world there are no forbidden sweet vices). There’s the desire to watch back-to-back episodes of the favourite show late into the night, with knowledge of how resulting lack of sleep will affect next day at work. There’s the conversation with the almighty where wishes shift priorities at the speed of light/sound, whichever you prefer.

And so the days pass, one bead on a string followed by another.

Jaded, Coloured, Crooked, Pearl white.

Good, Bad or Ugly. But none like the other.


(O)h So Sweet

Addictions by nature are not the best thing to happen to people, especially when they’re related to items that are readily available. So if sweet stuff is your road to hell on account of gluttony, you’ve got yourself an addiction that’s truly remarkable and unbelievably irresistible.

Identifying addiction in its early stages is a feat few can master. But there are signs to look out for:

– When the phrase ‘Having a sweet tooth’ amounts to gross understatement of observations and facts.

– When making room in your stomach applies to the main course and not the dessert. (Apparently, Ayurveda advises dessert to be consumed before main meals. So I’m good.)

– When people who’re not too fond of sweets keep aside their share specially for you.

– When potentially disparaging comments like “Oh you girls and your ice-creams” don’t affect you one bit.

– When your grandmother says she’s proud of your love for sweets because you’ve probably ‘inherited’ it from her.

– When chocolate festivals sound like the best thing (with the exception of rock music and/or alcohol) to have happened to mankind.

– When diabetes is your enemy number one (only next to root canals).

All these ‘signs’ aside, this sweet obsession is the stuff fairy tales are made of (kindly refer to Hansel and Gretel or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Of course it becomes a little difficult to cultivate this addiction post-20. It is part of unwritten young adult rules: crave not for that sweet something or else care not for the demeaning looks that may fall upon you.

Few can appreciate the egalitarianism inherent in this addiction…after all, this sweet-love is all encompassing and encourages no bias for or against chocolates or any other particular kind of sugar heaven.

And only life-long addicts can understand how significant and difficult decisions can be, decisions that are never about what sweet stuff to eat but always about whether to eat it right now or later.

That’s what its about for all sugar-junkies. Life is one big dessert after another.

And as long as you’ve got that dream dessert in your heart (and the capacity for ever more in your stomach), you’ve got yourself one hell of an enviable addiction.